Besides being kinder on the environment, prudent and efficient use of electricity will also be kinder to your business, saving you money and bringing you more profits. Here are some tips to reducing your business’ electricity consumption. Read about how you can

Go Green in the Workplace


As more work places and office spaces “go green,” we have learned there are significant health benefits and increased productivity levels for employees!

Researchers at Harvard Chan School of Public Health conducted a study and found cognitive test scores of office workers in


When you begin to think about replacing the older windows in your home with something new, it pays to consider how much natural light those replacements will allow into your space. The fact is that more natural light has a profound impact on you and the level of comfort you

Natural light best for office workers’ productivity

istock-817023732.jpg__640x360_q85_crop_subsampling-2 Workers in daylit office environments tend to suffer less physical stress and tend to be more productive, according to a new study. The Cornell University report found that in those facilities with natural light pouring in, there’s a 51 percent drop in symptoms of

5 ways light affects you

l200l Regardless of your profession there's no denying that light affects our lives in many ways. That's why people hire lighting experts and designers to generate exactly the right atmosphere in homes, restaurants, and theaters; even in groceries stores. Here are 5 ways light

UV Transmittance and Fading

FI-hot-sun Fading of interior furnishings is often attributed to ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the sun passing through windows onto interior surfaces. However, UV is not the only portion of the solar spectrum which can damage artwork or furnishings inside buildings. Virtually the whole

Monitor your UV exposure with an adhesive nanoplasmonic patch

(Nanowerk Spotlight) Moderate exposure to sunlight has significant health benefits – vitamin D production, beneficial modulation of blood pressure, and psychological effects of well-being. However, exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation also is a major risk factor for most skin cancers. That means that, while moderate exposure to sunlight is recommended, there

Bang On: Let there be light in your home or office

1298003996978_ORIGINAL It’s no secret that our brains perform better, we feel happier and healthier in a well-lit space. Research and manufacturing changes have produced better and better choices for inside lighting, but the best light is still what filters through your windows